Creative Application for Jobs and Offers: Importance & tips

A Creative Application is a counter-concept.

With a creative application you can clearly stand out from other applicants, attract attention in the application process and increase your chances of getting the job.

“It is the counter-concept,” even if you attract the attention of the employer. A creative application or form of application must remain professional and convincing. If you just do everything differently, you don’t necessarily do it better.


Table of contents:

When does a creative application make sense?

Four forms of creative application

Advantages of a creative application

Tips for creative applications

When does a creative application make sense?

Despite the advantages and popularity of creative applications, you should not use them rashly. While a creative application is appropriate and useful in some areas, it hardly has a place in other industries. This is especially true for very conservative industries. In banking or insurance, the focus is on a simple, professional appearance. Here you don’t score with fancy documents, but with a classic design.

It can be completely different in creative professions, modern areas, startups or jobs in which you create real added value with your creativity. As a rule of thumb, a creative application always makes sense if you can use it to show a strength for later work.

To make your application a success, here are four best forms and practical tips.

Four forms of creative application

Here are four outlines or forms of creative application, which also differ from one another in the extent of creativity. Which one you choose should always be decided individually – depending on your personality , your strengths and the position you are aiming for.

For your inspiration, here are four successful forms of creative application:

1. Application video

A creative application does not necessarily have to be in text form. A good application video will be noticed with one hundred percent certainty and will not get lost in the pile of countless documents. The quality of the video and convincing content are important for this form of creative application.

You can find out more about this in our article on the application video

2. Application flyer

See what a creative application flyer looks like.

Striking, short and to the point – creative application has long been used in advertising for your job search.

Attaching a creative application flyer in you application folder you give you a stand out. When making selection, HR managers or employers get stuck with an appealing, captivating and unusual application flyer format.

However, the challenge is to place all relevant contents on the application flyer in an appealing way. Graphics designers can help.

You can find out more about ours article on the application flyer .

3. Application homepage

Guess you weren’t expecting something like an application homepage and you might have never thought of having one.

With an application homepage you say goodbye to the paper form and go digital. On your personal page you can not only present information about yourself, your experience and your qualifications. This creative application has a lot of space for work samples.

In this way, a potential employer can get an idea of ​​how you work and the quality of your results. As well have a quick access to your information anytime anywhere.

You can find out more about this in our article on the application homepage .

4. Creative design

The creative application does not always have to deviate completely from the usual format. The colour scheme, layout and design of your documents can create a kind of surprise effect (C.V, resumé, e.t.c).

Use a fancy design for your application, adapt the colour scheme to the corporate design of the employer, incorporate graphics and visualisations or vary the design and structure in the résumé.

Here is an article on the application layout.

Advantages of a creative application

Creative application is trendy, but it’s more than just hype. In fact, the creative application in its different types and formats has two major advantages that have a positive effect on your application:

  • Attention. The main goal and benefit of a creative application is the attention it gets. You get at least one closer look from the employer when they look at your creative application. That increases your chances enormously. With the countless standard applications, many are sorted out after a short skimming.
  • Individuality. Anyone who feels constricted in applications can better express their individuality in the creative application. It enables greater freedom and adjustments, instead of just adhering to rigid guidelines.

Tips for creative applications

In order to use the opportunities of a creative application, it must be implemented correctly. Just because you apply more creatively does not automatically increase your chances of getting the job. To make your creative application a success, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Rely on the content: In a creative application, the focus is still on the content. You can only convince HR managers if this is correct. Because of the sheer creativity in designing your application, don’t forget to concentrate on the essentials.
  2. Design to suit the company: There is one principle that applies to your creative application that applies to every form of application: It must suit the company. Design your creative application in such a way that it fits the desired job. A design tailored for one employer should be changed for another to match the company’s identity.
  3. Don’t overdo it: Creative applications run the risk of the design covering everything else. Too many colours, patterns and other elements can make creative application confusing. Even with a creative form, HR managers want to receive the crucial information as simply and clearly as possible.
  4. Remain Authentic: If you decide to apply for a creative job, it should suit you and your personality . At the latest in the interview it will be found out whether the application and applicant match. If there is a lack of authenticity , the creative application only appears artificial and as a means to an end.
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