Doubts About Changing Jobs: What Now? What Next?

Are you basically sure that changing jobs is the right way and have already tried everything internally? Good thing, that should be the first step. Nevertheless, there will be phases – especially when the search for a new job takes a long time – in which doubts arise and you are no longer fully behind your decision. In such phases, three questions can help to overcome doubts:

1. Why do I want to switch?
Realise again what originally motivated you to change jobs and why this step is the best option for you. Sometimes it is enough to be aware of the reasons again.

2. What does the environment say?
If you’ve prepared your job change well, so do you with yours friends , family, and mentors . If you are sceptical, ask them again and let the feedback motivate you.

3. What are the alternatives?
Doubts about changing jobs often arise out of uncertainty. The best way to counter this is to be aware of the alternatives: stay, stay frustrated, standstill , boredom …? Ultimately, you have to ask yourself what the lesser evil is – and where the greater opportunities lie.

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