Self Goals; Desire or Choice?

Human desires often makes one wonder why the word “perfect” is in the dictionary. How is it possible for someone to make something or to be completely free from faults or defects in everything? There is a common believe that someone can always live better by doing what he/she loves and being better at it. The question is, do you agree?

Love of doing something a choice or a desire.

Two things crawls my mind about the love of doing something; 1. it’s emotional 2. It’s physical (materialistic).

Emotional > the love grows and becomes a constant variable like the constant k in further math. It grows as one keep doing something and becomes part of someone. A friend of mine applied for a job, to work in a bursary department in a school. The spot wasn’t available, after the interview the school then offered him to be a part-time teacher outside his interest still a spot in the bursary department is available. I told him to accept the offer. After six months when the bursary spot was available he declined and remains a teacher. He said “Ricky, I now love teaching.

Physical > Just like in cartoons, the love at first sight. It develops merely by admiring something at the sight of it. Most times it attracts a person seeing the benefit or pleasure by doing that something. A friend of my dad offered me a job to work in his bar. There was one thing i hated then; “the smell of alcohol, but one thing I loved was the amount I’d earn every day with the sound of the latest and coolest songs I get to hear every day at the bar.” Though I didn’t really like the smell of alcohol i accepted the offer.

Control and focus your desire by making a decision.

Humans are incredibly awesome, we have the ability to decide, change, channel or create our own course. Such ability is in everyone, we can choose to do something out of what interest us whether good or bad. We may not actually like it, but do them for a reason or for its benefits. Everyone wants to live a better life, but most times different circumstances and experiences conflicts our decision to either doing something right or something completely wrong. The point is to let you know that you can always channel you desire for something to something more beneficial which would give you a more positive credit increasing your interest and motivating you to continue without doing the wrong things.

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