Optimising Your Application (Documents) for A New Job

Since your previous CV points in a different direction when you change your job completely, it is essential to optimise your application documents . This means: You must clearly emphasise the motivation to change as well as useful experience and qualifications. For example like this:

  • In the cover letter, focus on your motivation to work for this company and HOW you think about using your skills there.


  • Add references to your application portfolio. Ideally, the advocates come from the new target industry and know you from previous collaboration.


  • Highlight relevant advanced training certificates in your résumé (for example, in bold) . You strengthen your qualifications.


  • A Volunteerism may necessary Skills Soft underline. In some professions, social skills are almost more important than qualifications.


And only if you yourself are convinced of your skills and are sure that you can work successfully in the new industry, you can convincingly justify the change of job.

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