Self Goals; An ideal Life Question?

Have there ever been a time in your life time when you were totally self-confident, a time when you could achieve what you wanted and then you did. How did you experience it, have you ever revealed such experience. If you could create your perfect life in your mind imagine what would it look like? If you had no limitations how would you change your family life today? If your family life were perfect in every way, what would it look like? What kind of house would they live in, and how would they be living? What sort of things would they want to have and how would you make the members of your family happy? What kind of a lifestyle would you have? What would you need to do to create your perfect career? If your business, work, and career were ideal in every way, what would they look like? What sort of company would you own or work for? What would you be doing? What position would you be in? How much money would you earn? What kind of people would you work with? If you had a perfect health condition, how would you describe it? How would your levels of health and fitness be different from what they are today? How would you feel? Most of all, what steps could you take immediately to begin moving toward your ideal levels of health and energy? If your financial situation were ideal, how much would you have in your bank account? How much would you be earning each month and each year from your investments? If you had enough money that you never had to worry about finances again, how much would that be? What steps could you take, starting today, to create your ideal financial life?

Human beings are very amazing! We have the ability to feel, think, reason, decide, change our mind sets and accomplish extraordinary things. Individuals have the ability to determine the course and direction of our own destinies. Tip #3 Creating a Way >>>

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