Reasons Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Disney World

There are no mosquitoes in The Most Magical Place on Earth. The truth is out, Disney World is so devoted to ensuring you have a great time that they’ve made the bugs basically vanish. How would they pull that off? No, the appropriate response isn’t enchantment. Vlogger Rob Plays dove into the appropriate response in a video spotted by Neatorama.

It would be an accomplishment to dispose of bothersome mosquitoes anyplace, yet Disney World is in Florida, a.k.a. swamp an area, where creepy crawlies are more plentiful than different spots. Bugs are irritating, but on the other hand they’re perilous in the event that they’re conveying maladies like Zika, and Disney has a duty to ensure its visitors. To put it plainly, Disney disposes of the vermin by utilizing a thorough program that incorporates showering bug sprays and keeping up normal hunters, and they do the entirety of this with a degree of watchfulness that is fearsome to view.

The recreation center has something many refer to as the Mosquito Surveillance Program to oversee everything. There are carbon dioxide traps all over, and once they get bugs, the group at Disney freezes and dissects the populace to decide how best to annihilate them. Strangely enough, they likewise utilize the utilization of chickens. These sentinel chickens, as they’re called, live in coops all over Disney World. While these feathered workers are approaching their day by day life, their blood is being checked for mosquito-borne sicknesses like West Nile infection. Fortunate for the chickens, they don’t become ill from the infection—yet in the event that they do get it, the Disney group knows where in the recreation center they got it from so they can convey a quick hit to the mosquitoes here.

You may likewise see that the video is populated by clasps of the Seven Dwarfs showering bug sprays. In case you’re thinking about how you missed an extensive succession wherein Happy, Grumpy, and co. combat with the nearby bug populace in 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you didn’t. The clasps originate from a different promulgation film that Disney made during World War II called The Winged Scourge, about the perils of jungle fever and the creepy crawlies that convey it. The infection caused significant setbacks for the Allies while battling in the Pacific Ocean theater of World War II.

Next time you’re visiting Disney World, make certain to value the generally bug free ideal world before getting back to this present reality.

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